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What does Black mean to you?

Posted June 16, 2021 ........


Being Black to me is about being bold and unapologetic in who I am and taking pride in my appearance and melanified skin.

Being Black means being blessed.

Black is beautiful and l am proud to be Black. I know l can achieve anything if l am focused.

Being Black to me comes with a responsibility to negate every poorly misguided stereotype, believing in myself and my immense capabilities.

Being Black to me means being self-aware. It means being aware of all the discrimination I may face and the stereotypes imposed on me because of my skin tone and being aware that this will not stop me from achieving greatness.

Being Black is my identity. It is who I am.

Being Black is being part of something bigger.

Being Black means that there is someone out there that experiences the same things that I do.

Being Black is never being alone.

As a Black professional, when you achieve something great you don’t just see it as your achievement but an achievement for all Black people.

At BlackTECH, we are bold, resilient, confident and poised to support Black talents to realize their dreams!