Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


At BlackTECH, our work enables partners and businesses to build teams that fully reflect the diversity and inclusion in their workplace thereby empowering them to advance their businesses in the communities they serve.

We recognize the significant value that DEI can unlock—for individuals, organizations, and societies—and the need for improvement. To this end, we partner with companies to implement proven diversity strategies and diversity and inclusion best practices.

Research has shown that organizations with greater diversity beat their less-diverse counterparts on a range of measures.

Our solutions are framed by a research-backed framework through analytics algorithms to deliver powerful reports and dashboards where companies can monitor their actions and their effects.

Our DEI Services include:

DEI Diagnostics: A research-based program that enables you to assess your diversity status through an understanding of your inclusion challenges, supported by actionable insights on how to improve. We evaluate workplace inclusion through the self-reported perceptions of your employees to assess organizational climate, career experiences, and psychological safety. With an intersectional approach to analysis, your data will reveal insights into how different groups may be experiencing the same workplace in very different ways. We will further work with you on ways to create an impactful or improve your Employee Resource Group (ERG) and other DEI focal programs.

DEI Dashboard: We work with your organization to understand the current DEI state and map out a roadmap with key metrics and KPIs to enable you track all your metrics in real-time, monitor your D & I strategy metrics, and learn the progress being made. We will also include a “snapshot” of the diversity of your organization by dimensions such as gender, ethnicity, age, LGBT+, disability, and others. All these would be provided on a dashboard with up-to-date Diversity and Inclusion data.

Our diagnostic tools will provide not only where the risks, potential liabilities, and focus areas are but also highlight whether your company is a D&I leader in all metrics monitored by investors, legal teams, consumers, and employees.

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