Career Acceleration

Career Acceleration


Our career acceleration program has four key components developed through well-thought-out and proven initiatives geared towards assisting Black and visible minority professionals to accelerate, grow and advance their careers.


Our expert-led Masterclasses are built on the philosophy of learning which indicates that learning from experts with real-world situations and real-world contexts enable real-world learning. This delivery approach ensures that masterclasses remain responsive to the experiences, needs, and operating environment of the participants.

Masterclasses are facilitated by experts with professional and hands-on experience. Sessions focus on high-demand areas of interest in the innovative, entrepreneurship, and technology-focused ecosystem.

Incubation Groups

Our Incubation programs are designed as a focal point to link theory to practice, and act as a catalyst for producing industry-ready experts in the tech ecosystem.

Participants develop an in-depth understanding and are empowered to provide expert knowledge valuable to any organization they choose to work with.

Incubation group sessions are facilitated by experts with a focus on emerging domains and technologies. This program has been highly successful since inception and has paved the way for many that pivoted into tech as well as those who needed guidance on clear-cut strategies for their career trajectory.

The Catalyst

This program is designed to create a mentorship platform that would provide action-based steps to support the career advancement of mentees.

Mentees are matched with mentors with proven experience and a wealth of expertise within their domain. These mentors share knowledge, experience, resources and advice that support the mentee in learning and developing new perspectives, career advancement, and strategies required to accelerate their careers.


Our very popular skills matrix program provides a platform for professionals to assess skills acquired from their home country or other careers, envision and align them to identify transferable skills and competencies to help them transition into new career choices.

This platform also supports the identification of gaps in skill sets and provides direction on personal developmental programs to focus on.

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