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A new dawn beckons!

Posted June 16, 2021 ........


Dreams die if not nurtured and supported to blossom. Many have visions but require the needed support to bring them to fruition!

Imagine a 360° ecosystem that has got your back!

In 2018, we discovered a need for a vibrant community that would aid in the integration, support, and career advancement of immigrant Black professionals in different domains within the tech-value chain. This discovery gave birth to NIPCA.

It has been 2 years+, and the NIPCA community with thousands of members across all Canadian provinces has provided support to several Black professionals through our well-thought-out programs and initiatives like Masterclasses, Mentorships, Newcomer Programs, Incubation Programs, Career guidance, Networking opportunities, Support, Inclusion, and belonging initiatives. All these have led to over 300+ in Job fulfillment, a strong community, and a platform where information sharing and knowledge have been democratized.

NIPCA was built as a progressive and enduring organization and would continue to support newcomers, immigrants, and professionals aligned to paying it forward as we aspire to build a better society together.

Now, imagine an unbounded Platform with a 360° operational mechanism providing Black and visible minorities in Tech with greater access to resources, networks, trainings and tools to realize their vision.

That ecosystem is BlackTECH – a complete 360° Platform for Black and visible minorities in Technology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. This fully expanded platform would provide greater synergy with all Black professionals, visible minorities, and allies to help Black talents realize their visions.

The future is NOW as we build a hub with unmatched talents and capabilities in post-COVID-19 and beyond – thereby bridging the capacity and representation gaps that would be catalytic to faster economic recovery.